Terms & Conditions

We provide this website ordering service and our products for sale on it, on an as-is basis. We'll always do our best to provide you with the highest quality service, because we want you to love us, but this doesn't guarantee that mistakes won't happen, either from human error or technical issues.

This website is being provided as a click-and-collect ordering service for new and returning customers of Tozzetti Ltd, Nelson Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, located at 14 Vanguard St, Nelson City, New Zealand. By placing an order on this website, you're commiting to be able to pick it up within a reasonable time from that location.

We do our best to have your order ready for collection in 15 mins from when your order has been confirmed, but just like physically visiting a cafe, your order may be delayed a few minutes if it's placed when we are very busy.

If you need to postpone or cancel your order after having placed it online, please phone us directly on (03) 546 6734. If your order hasn't been made yet, we can usually delay it or refund you, but if your order has already been completed, we can not provide you with a refund.

If something ever does go wrong with your order, we'll always do our best to make it right, because we want you to return as our loyal customer, to love ordering from us again and again.

If you encounter an annoying technical glitch, please don't blame our serving staff, as they have no control over that and are only trying their best to serve you well. You can report any technical issues here: (Click here to report a problem), and one of our tech team will do their best to help you sort it out asap.

By using this website as a guest, or by creating an account here, you agree to all these terms and conditons, including agreeing to be kind to others and to never use or access this website in a way that could be considered illegal or could cause harm to others.

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